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Has anyone else encountered anything similar, with tamulosin? Of course, it could just be me...

I'd been using Doxazosin/Cardura for years (in my early 30's; my urologist didn't think I could have BPH at that age but the symptoms were right, and the stuff worked), and last March he told me that Tamulosin had gone generic, would I like to switch? I jumped at that, it'd been noticably more effective on my bladder retention when I had tried some of his samples, it was just the $$ (it still didn't prevent my all day long dribbling, but without the retention, I was much more comfortable).

So, somewere along the line, I don't know if it was before switching or after, I started having urgency issues: like, "message from bladder, you've got 2 minutes, now!" But the pads I'd been wearing were enough even if I lost control a little, on my way to the bathroom -- although it's made things disruptive for me, at work.

Well, about two weeks ago, now, I filled my Rx for the tamulosin, brought it home, and misplaced it. I figured I knew what to expect, while I tracked it down -- the same as if I missed a dose on my doxazosin; and the few times I'd missed, never more than a day, on the tamulosin: bladder retention comes back, painful voiding, worse dribbling, but not too terribly much else.

Not even. The "message from bladder, etc" was accompanied by *pain* while clenching to resist, while making it to the toilet in time. Progressively worsening pain, while resisting, has led to progressive inability to resist, and I have increasingly needed to wear more protection, to deal with it. At one point, a few days ago, I found that even that was out of commission -- "foot stomping on the brake-pedal, but no brakes are down there" -- my bladder stopped when it was done.

I was wearing the Walmart "undergarments" with the button-straps and realized that if this was going to happen, that was not enough, so I bought some "fitted briefs". Walgreen's is the only place I can find them in my area, at a price that divides to $0.59 / diaper; I checked a medical-supply shop and they had what they said was a better product, but for $1.17 / diaper, it can be better all it wants, I just can't afford it.

Has anyone else had any weirdness associated with tamulosin?

Given my current state of lack of control (I have some of it back, sometimes, so that I can slow down voiding in my diaper, but I still can't stop it) it doesn't look like the Walgreen's ones are enough -- I've had several leaky incidents. Does anyone else have any experience with their brand ("Certainty")?

I'm considering the possibility that I just need more than what I'm using can measure up to. I've sent for HDIS's "brief variety pack;" it says there are samples of Reassure, Depend, Attends, Wings, TENA, Tranquility, and Molicare. Any advice?

I still haven't found my missing Rx, but I'm wondering whether, if I do find it, if I want to try taking it again... Although I've learned it in an unpleasant way, I've discovered that something has substantially changed, in my urologic health, and I wonder whether tamulosin would even be appropriate, at this point. I do have an appointment with my urologist, but 3 1/2 weeks away from now was the soonest I could get in. My general practitioner gave me a Rx for "Enablex" but I discovered that 90 days was going to be $120 (ouch!) and I haven't filled it.

Re: Tamulosin/Flomax?

Now that you've discovered that your condition has changed, you need to go back to your urologist for another examination.

Having said that, your current symptoms sound almost exactly like mine. My bladder gives me very short notice. And if I don't make it to the bathroom in a minute or two, my bladder just empties itself. Trying to hold back when I have a strong urge rapidly becomes so painful that I just have to let go. However, my symptoms haven't changed in several decades. BTW, I wear a tape-on disposable diaper almost 24/7/365.

Re: Tamulosin/Flomax?

I started on flomax then to tamulosin.The biggest is like you said little warning or will wet.Have also been having impotent problems don't if age is the reason or not.