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CVS no longer carries Depends briefs

Don't know if anyone else has caught on to this, but CVS in the SF East Bay no longer seems to carry Depends briefs/diapers. I found the undergarments for both genders in huge quantities, but nothing else. I got a 'have no idea' from two assistant managers and a puzzled look from a few other employees, and an e-mail to CVS corporate has gone unanswered after three days.

Just curious as to whether this is a short-term shipping glitch or if this has been noted anywhere else.

Re: CVS no longer carries Depends briefs

You know, I've noted the same thing here with the Depend Fitted Briefs (six tape diapers). Everyone seems to be carrying the Depend Real Fit Underwear (actually a great product!) and the Silhouette Underwear (don't know how great they are, as we have had no ladies do a write up on them) and undergarments and other protective underwear. It seems like everyone is going to their own "house brand" diapers (tape on) and more "name brand" protective underwear, etc... Wonder of stores are just getting too much competition from online businesses to make carrying diapers in their shelf space not profitable enough? If you go to Wal-Mart online, you can actually order Molicare Super Plus diapers and other diaper brands that you can't get in their stores. Strange...

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Re: CVS no longer carries Depends briefs

It's not just the fact that they suddenly stopped carrying them, but that I couldn't get a straight answer as to why. This is also the second major chain where I noticed the product line has shifted, RiteAid/Thrifty is the other. I don't wear Depends, prefer Abena's, but the woman I live with is also incontinent and prefers Depends diapers whenever she's travelling (sales rep). Odd that both major chains seems to have given up on what should be a significant customer base.

Re: CVS no longer carries Depends briefs

Walmart no longer carries the Depends diapers, either.

The only problem I have with the True Fit pull-ups is changing in a public restroom. I carry an Abena M2 in the car for just that reason.

I normally use the True Fit during the day and I think they are great!

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Re: CVS no longer carries Depends briefs


The above should read Real Fit, not true fit.

Must be the heat.

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