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Have an individual with problems and it comes down to absorbency

I run a diaper bank in my town, I was contacted by an individual who is taking care of his mother. She uses medium briefs and is using between 11 and 12 a day. The issue seems to be with absorbency. The individual is limited to what would be on hand in a grocery store.

So please do not recommend online Incontinence suppliers. The individual tried one of those in the past and the shipping killed them. As I said this comes down to absorbency, and and I have been looking at coming up with some kind of economical liner that could be purchased in a grocery store. So this would leave out any kind of purpose made booster like the old depend boost. Racking my brain I can come up with three items to use. They are in no particular order, Sanitary Pad, Bladder Control Pad, and a Disposable Baby Diaper.

I need some recommendations. I have bladder control pads and baby diapers to provide so this individuals can try and see what works.

Re: Have an individual with problems and it comes down to absorbency

Hi Samuel!

Thanks so much for dropping by the Forum! We're glad to have you!

Skip the sanitary pads...they're really not made for urine flow...especially if it is "flooding". Bladder control pads are OK, but I would suggest cutting a slit in the backing of them so that the urine, after saturating the pad passes through to the diaper/protective underwear or whatever the person is wearing. If you don't cut a slit in the back of the pad, urine will just pour over the sides of the pad and most likely leak out the legs.

With a disposable baby diaper (probably the best way to go for absorbency booster), the recommendation is the same. Cut a slit in the back and place it where the absorbency is needed most (usually front for guys and center for ladies). The other thing on using a baby diaper as a booster is you want to have them cut the tabs off the back, as they can be annoying against the skin.

Aside from that, I can not think of any other solution just "off the store shelf".

I'm not sure who they tried online, but most companies offer free shipping on case quantities.

Please keep us posted on what solution they settle on and how it works! We're all here to learn from one another and we may learn something that may help us all out.

Kind Regards,

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Re: Have an individual with problems and it comes down to absorbency

The individual, is still expecting me to give them the unreasonable amount of diapers. It is not going to happen. Also I suggested everything to them and said see what works for you.

Re: Have an individual with problems and it comes down to absorbency

Hello Samuel!

Yeah, with store/cheaper type brands, 10 - 12 briefs per day is about right for complete incontinence when heavy absorbency is needed. These types of products are really made for institutions that have to check and change a brief every 2 hours or so, so lower end diapers at 2 hours each would be 12 in a 24 hour period, which I'm sure for a diaper bank can be very taxing, since you are trying to meet more than one person's needs.

What have they tried so far, if anything? If the lady is on diuretics, then absorbency is going to be a HUGE problem and they meed to go with a couple boosters in one diaper. Do you or they have cloth baby or adult diapers available? Those can make very effective boosters and can be layered where and as thick as they are needed. Only problem with that is it comes down to if they can do the laundry that will generate.

Give us an idea of what they have tried so far and maybe there might be some other ideas.

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