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New site launches Sunday!

Hey everyone!

Yeah....attempted redesign of the Forum with the limited options Bravenet gives...not good. Will have to go tweak it a bit!

Anyway....the new IRC launches Sunday! We've been working like CRAZY to bring new articles, new information, product descriptions, information on tests, treatments, etc...etc...etc...! The new site will be SO MUCH more informative, not to mention, easier to navigate! There will be a fresh new look with an easier to read font and font size, less "cluttered" look.... If it were a room, it would be called much more "bright and airy". Sunday morning July 15th...check us out! Also, if you aren't aware of it yet, check out the Facebook page! Check it out here: It isn't much yet, but I am looking for input on what we can do with it.

Hope everyone is well!

Kind Regards,

Owner/One of the Moderators

Re: New site launches Sunday!

What about the diaper primer which I guess needs to be updated. I hope this brings some life back into this site. It seems like everyone is now at the depend forums. I always thought when it came to reviews on incontinence websites, that boosters, pads and other products used needed to be reviewed.

Re: New site launches Sunday!

Hi again Samuel!

With the exception of the cloth diapers issue, we've covered a lot of what the Diaper Primer does and are working on additional information. You are correct, an incontinence site DOES need to have things such as reviews of booster pads, etc... and those sections are being worked on as we speak. I am actually looking for "guest writers" as we speak who have expertise in all different areas, so those features are coming. That, and the Diaper Primer, which actually was originally hosted here, belongs to someone else and the original owner was told he wasn't welcome to the content for this site, for whatever reason, so we don't host it here anymore. Not sure what the issue was there, but as we go, our information will be better and more up to date anyway.

As for as "bringing the site back to life", the site itself is actually what I call "crazy alive"! :) My stats show that people are using it like crazy...the downside is I think people are afraid to post to the Forum...plenty are reading it, but few post, and I"m not sure why. I have a few things I'm looking at to try to make people more comfortable with posting.

Anyway, thanks for posting! I hope you keep coming back! Keep us posted on the folks having the absorbency issue. By the fact they are still requesting the same amount of diapers doesn't sound like they've really tried your suggestions...

Kind Regards,

Owner and one of the Moderators