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Abena's discontinued


Question for you since I believe you've had some contact with the folks who manufacture the Abena line. Recently I ordered a couple od cases of the Abri-Form Classic Plus (M-1/4161) only to be told that these have been permanently discontinued.

Seems a bit abrupt and arbitrary, or did I just miss the corporate e-mail. Either way it would suggest that Abena has willingly eliminated a fair percentage of customers who must now scramble to find a 'Plan B'.

Any input from your sources, are they perhaps planning to eliminate the entire "Classic' format due to costs or the EU mandates on plastics and biodegradables ?

I can live with the M-2/Supers and the M-3/Extras, but would like to at least have an option or alternative to the form-fitting M-1's.

Please drop a line either here or e-mail direct.

Thanks, Pete

Re: Abena's discontinued

Hey Pete!

Unfortunately what you experienced is true. The only products to my understanding that will stay the "classic" style at this point here in the United States are the Abena M4 and L4 (formerly X-Plus medium and large). Abena was originally going to do away with the "classic" (plastic backing, wider padding in front, etc..) on ALL of the line. Thankfully, with the assistance of XP-Medical pushing the issue, Abena agreed to keep the "classic" style on the X-Plus (M4 and L4 SKU #s 4163 and 4168) at least for the "near term", so sadly yes, what you were told is true.

I can't off the top of my head think of a suitable replacement for the 4161. Maybe someone else who reads this might chime in.

Kind Regards,

Owner and one of the Moderators

Re: Abena's discontinued

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the input...rather disappointed by the calls made by Abena, but I hope to find a 'Plan B' sooner rather than later.

So **** frustrating to come across a product that actually provides a comfortable and reliable solution only to have it suddenly vanish...again (shades of the old "Attends" !).

Thanks again, be well. Pete