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RE: Plastic Pants Over Disposable Diapers


Just a few thoughts on the subject of "Plastic Pants":

As an Autistic with Cerebral Palsy, I always wear plastic pants over my disposable diapers to not "leak" on chair seats @ home or out in public.

I have both pull-on & snap-on styles of plastic pants to wear.


With respect to wearing plastic pants, which do most disabled prefer:

Pull-On or Snap-On?

Plain White/Clear or Printed Style?

I use "both".

Am I the only physically/developmentally-disabled incontinent adult who wears print style plastic pants?


Thomas C. Wood

RE: Plastic Pants Over Disposable Diapers


In answer to your question, yes - to both. As mentioned earlier, my disability is associated with deteriorative discs in the lower spine, which has nudged my combination incontinence up a notch or three.

For a decade at least I've worn disposable diapers, and have also worn plastic pants if only for my own peace of mind. I now wear both the simple 'clear' or semi-opaque as some distributors like to identify them, pastels and a crazy pair known as "Aussie Bears" which are yellow printed with koalas.

I wear colors because I refuse to bow to conformity which would have each and every incontinent adult wearing white diapers or pull-ups (or whatever) and muddy opaque plastic pants.

I think and believe that this all comes down to each person should/can/will wear whatever they're comfortable with, irregardless of what the whisperers and nay-sayers would impose upon us.

Do what you're comfortable with, old son, and be happy, be well.

RE: Plastic Pants Over Disposable Diapers

I also wear twe pair of plastic pants,especially since I now have IBS,j just to be on the safe side. I struggled with acceptance for a long time, now I can accept this is something I have no control over. Regular underwear comes in many different colors, styles and designs.Now I wear what ever suits my mood, colors, designs, otherwise, I am still ashamed and hiding, but that's just me!