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Good News for fans of the PLASTIC backed Abena X-Plus!

Good Morning Everyone!

I have some good news to share for fans of the PLASTIC backed Abena X-Plus (M4 and L4)! Abena has agreed to continue manufacturing the plastic backed X-Plus in medium and large for us here in North America for 2013! Here is the note directly from our Sponsor XP Medical's site:

"Good news for the new year: Abena X-Plus to remain plastic backed.
Over the past many months we have heard from hundreds of customers concerned about rumors that the entire Abena AbriForm product line was switching over to a cloth-like backing. I am pleased to announce that Abena has formally agreed to continue production of the 4163 M4 "X-Plus" and 4168 L4 "X-Plus" in their current form with no changes. Other variations and sizes of the AbriForm line will be making the transition to cloth like, so please see our update page for the full list of products and changes.

A sincere "thank you" to all who took the time to write to Abena and express your opinion - it doesmake a difference. I noted with some amusement that this announcement comes exactly one year to the day after our last update! It has been a long year of uncertainty but that is behind us now.

Best wishes for a happy new year,
Gary Evans
Owner, XP Medical."

Just thought I'd share the good news!

Kind Regards,

Owner and one of the Moderators

Re: Good News for fans of the PLASTIC backed Abena X-Plus!

This is really wonderful news! In my opinion, the plastic covered Abena level 4 diapers are the best product on the market for those of us with urge incontinence. The product can handle major, sudden floods. But at the same time, I think it's thin enough to be worn under loose fitting trousers without advertising that you're wearing a diaper.