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Would you like to see a COMPANY review page?

Hey everyone!

Had an experience this morning that got me thinking:

I had put some urological supplies on auto order with a certain company(that will remain nameless for now) and had sent them a contact form through their site asking that they NOT bill and ship until the 3rd of each month. Guess what they did? Today is the 2nd and you guessed it...they ran an authorization on my card! LUCKILY the money was in my account this month, which it usually is not.

Also, the company sends SPAM CONSTANTLY (at least 2 or 3 per week) even though my "preferences" with them is no emails other than related to orders. Put simply..their customer service SUCKS or is non-existent.

There's another company out there who sends junk snail mail out the wazoo...another one who actually CALLS you to market (actually there are a few of those).

The question is: Would you want to see and participate in a Company Rating Page? I'm envisioning a page where you would have like a 5 star rating system you could use and you would have a section where you could add comments about the company....maybe we'll even post their Better Business Bureau rating by their name/rating.

So? What do you think?

Kind Regards,

Brian - Owner and one of the Moderators

Re: Would you like to see a COMPANY review page?

I think a company rating page would be a great idea. But could you be candid abut the companies that sponsor the site?

Re: Would you like to see a COMPANY review page?

Hi Nick!

That's a great question!

I could and would expect reviewers to be totally candid about even our sponsors. Sponsorship of the IRC is by INVITATION ONLY, not open to just any company, so if someone has a problem with or concern about any of our sponsors, I would expect them to be candid. I have no doubt our sponsors would address the problem and make it right...this is why they are invited. They all carry good products and their customer service, in my experience is TOP notch.

So, yes...I would be and hope others would be totally candid and truthful in their reviews. Great question and thanks for asking it!

Kind Regards,

Owner and one of the Moderators

Re: Would you like to see a COMPANY review page?

Hi Brian,

Great idea ! I have a sinking feeling I know who you're talking about in your general discussion point...similar problem(s)...and it certainly would be a plus to get the good and sometimes ugly about our companies of choice into the bright light of day.

In passing, I'd say that my experiences with the folks I deal/have dealt with have been positive, and when there were errors or glitches the responses have been very fast. My HUGE whine with one company is that they repackage into oversize boxes that are difficult for both the delivery drivers and I to handle without a cart...dumb thinking, and I can't seem to get them to correct this minor issue.

Have a great weekend, be well, Pete