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Overnight support, please

I need your suggestion for the best incontinence protection overnight for my 86 year old mother. She is doing amazing during the day--has Parkinsons and is up and moving with her walker. At night we have not been able to figure out what to use. The pullups and pads we have tried leak through to her nightgown, etc. We have good medical care, no urinary tract infection, and she drinks okay during the day, and decreases fluids as she gets towards evening. Is there any product that will work, so that she can sleep all night and not have her nightgown and bed be wet in the morning? We do put a pad on the bed, but still there is wet on the sheets. She likes to sleep on her back. Please help with your suggestions. We need sleep at night, and less laundry in the morning!!

Re: Overnight support, please


It's awesome that your mom is getting around well during the day! So sorry to hear about the frustration with night time leakage. That can be a huge hassle for her and the rest of you.

I have seen no pull on product to date that handles night time wetting well, unless it's just a small amount like when she sneezes or coughs. But for heavier wetting at night, especially since you say she prefers to sleep on her back, a tape on (or some have hook and loop tabs) diaper type product is really honestly the best product. How do I know? I live with spina bifida and have no bladder control and very little bowel control, so I have been there/done that and live that.

There are three products that I have used at night that can work very well for your mom's situation. they are listed in order of absorbency..lightest to heaviest, but all are suitable for heavy night time use:

The Wellness Superio Series Brief, that you can see the review of here: It has a plastic backing and refastenable tapes that fasten to a strong tape landing zone. While it is plastic, it makes next to no noise at all.

The Absorbency Plus Level 4 Brief, that you can see a review of here: Again, the absorbency Plus has a plastic backing, but again it is not that noisy and should not be a big deal at night.

The Northshore AirSupreme Brief, that you can see a review of here: This brief has a cloth like backing and hook and loop tabs, so it would make no noise whatsoever under your mom's nightgown. Northshore has a plastic backed version of that brief as well, if that is preferred.

All three of the products above are available to be sampled front he companies that carry them by clicking on their banners on each review that I have listed. I use all three products on a rotating basis and they are all fantastic! The three different companies also carry other diapers/briefs that may work well for your mom at night too, but those are tube first three diapers that came to mind. Like I said, I don't care how a company markets them, adult pull-ups are NOT a suitable product for night time urinary incontinence in general. Companies are changing those products and making the padded area smaller and smaller and thus, less absorbent.

I hope this helps! Please drop back by and let us know how things work out and if this post was helpful to you and your mom.

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Re: Overnight support, please

We use the the Tranquility ATN briefs with a booster pad at night. I'm a quadriplegic mother of 3. With several other issues. I sleep about 8-10 hours a night. I also sleep on a disposable pad. I also sleep on My back. My husband checks on Me several times through the night. I rarely need to be changed unless I have a bowel event. I rarely have a leak either.