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In the process of founding a non profit for those with special needs/low income and incontinent

Hi all,

Its been a LONG time since I posted here, but hey im posting! I just thought you all would like to know that I'm in the process of trying to form a nonprofit organization- an online diaper bank, pantry and exchange program offering youth teen and adult size diapers to those in need. I am still trying to figure out exact eligiblity requirements. Right now, I'm definetly leaning toward anyone with a disability in additon to incontinence is automatically eligible, due to high cost of living with a disability. For those who are able bodied but incontinent and low income, they are elibible if they spend more than 7% of their montly income on incontinent suppplies. The first priority would be given to those with no diaper coverage at all, and the second priority given to those who are on Medicaid but not receiving adequate products to manage effectively. Able bodied would mean those whose incotnience is severe but they have no other disability they have to spend money on. This would include those with OAB and those who have incontience due to nerve damage, but are still mobile. Do these seem like fair standards? Any ideas on how to get this started? Anyone out there with expereince on writing grants? anyone out there with nonprofit expereince?