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Female Participants Required for Quick Survey for Mature Student (please)


I'm a mature student (43) at university in Scotland and I'm doing a project for my final year which looks at females who want to improve their health through exercise but who are affected by urinary incontinence/bladder leakage.

I have a survey which I'd really appreciate participants for. It's completely anonymous and should take less than 10 minutes to answer.

This is a subject I feel very passionately about and I'm on a mission to show the health/medical/fitness industries that not enough consideration or support is given to this when devising health promoting strategies.

You can participate if you are female aged over 18. You don't have to have first hand experience of bladder leakage, nor do you need to have regular episodes. You also don't have to be doing exercise or even want to!

Please take a look and complete the survey if you don't mind. I'd be really grateful.

Thank you. Amanda

Link to survey:

Re: Female Participants Required for Quick Survey for Mature Student (please)

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