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It has been 10 months since my combined prostatectomy/diverticulotomy. I had previous green light surgery 10 yrs ago. I am currently still experiencing incontinence. it is inconsistent...some days better than others. I don't feel like I :golf: pee enough. I can go for hours without any urge to go, but when the urge does come it is almost instant. I begin to slowly leak preceded by quite a bit of pressure, and a slow stream. In addition, I can at times void and not know it...little sensation. I wear diapers or padded briefs most of the time. My Next appointment with my urologist is in a couple of months which will mark my one year anniversary since my surgery. I know he will suggest other procedures like an artificial urinary sphincter or bladder sling. I really don't want to go through any more invasive procedures. I have gone through so many years with about every test and tubes stuck in places that shouldn't be. I am comfortable and used to managing my condition with diapers. I don't find them any more invasive than emptying a bag or pushing a button to release my urine. Am I making a good decision? My urologist may think I'm giving up,and maybe I am. I'm 70 years old, and have decided enough is enough. It is what it is, so get on with it.

Re: Prostatectomy

Are you making the right decision....that is entirely up to works for YOU. If using diapers to manage your incontinence works for YOU and does not bother YOU, then it doesn't matter what your urologist thinks.

I have been through he medications, the poking, the prodding, the urologist wanting to try this or that, because incontinence carries such a stigma that the urologist will push ANYTHING rather than say "Hey, if diapers don't bother you, it's probably the best solution...". I have fired a number of urologists over their attitudes. I finally found a female urologist who had that very attitude. Her theory is that I am the one who has to live with my incontinence, and so long as they are not causing any health issues (pressure sores, since I'm a wheelchair user, UTI, etc...) then diapers are a just fine way to manage my incontinence and she's behind me 100%.

If your urologist has issues with how you manage your incontinence or that you want to stop "poking and hoping" to become dry, with the end being that you're still wet and ashamed, then fire him or her and move on.

There's my opinion, for what it's worth.


Re: Prostatectomy

Thanks Brian, I am getting more comfortable with my choice of management. I wrote a long message to my urologist updating him on my condition since my prostatectomy/diverticulotomy nearly 10 months ago. He feels that the cancer is gone; for now. However, he encouraged me to have another urodynamic study and possible cystoscopy to see what might be causing my continuing incontinence, retention, etc. He is a little suspicious that a stricture is forming. I also told him I do not want any more invasive surgeries, drugs, or implants (bladder sling or artificial urinary sphincter). I have quite a long history of poor bladder control, and have become comfortable with wearing protection/diapers. He said that he would go along with whatever I am comfortable with as long no further health issues present themselves. My appointment for these tests is on March 6th. I'm not sure what to expect if anything.