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Have to wear dipers

I am writing this and to ask a question. I have been diagnosed with oab incotence and have tried so hard just to wear pullups but my issue is no matter how many brands I try they all leak. When I go it's a whole bladder Serge. I have tried medications. Do I just surrender the idea and accept I have to wear a thick Dipper 24/7. As it is the only thing that will no leak.

Re: Have to wear dipers

If the pull-ups all leak, then a full diaper may very well be the way to go. Are you unable to make it to the toilet at all anymore, or can you make it sometimes? If you can still make it, I would suggest a cloth backed diaper with hook and loop tabs so that you can unfasten and refasten it to use the toilet. Plastic backed diapers have refastenable tapes, but I've not found them quite as reliable as hook and loop tabs on cloth backed diapers. Northshore makes their AirSupreme Briefs which are crazy heavy absorbency and cloth backed with hook and loop tabs. There is also the Seni Quatro that is cloth like on the outside and has hook and loop tabs. The only thing the Seni has over the Northshore, is the Seni will not allow moisture to pass through the side wings to your clothes, should wetness run around to the side.

Does that help any? There is no shame or harm in wearing a full diaper, if that is what works and does not leak. The biggest part of the battle with incontinence is being able to go about your everyday life without leaks, odors, etc.... Find something that works and keep going on with your life.

Just my opinion.


Re: Have to wear dipers

Thank you Brian I can make to the toilet most times but when it his it hits and total loss occurs. I am using abena l4 plastic back as I have found the hook and loop come loose a lot during the work day. I just hate going dipers dependent but I think it's a stigma. I don't have to worry when I wear them . Again thank you.