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Bed wetting

Few months back I stared to wake up with little wet spots on my underwear then it became more wetting and I started to wear disposal underwear and went to my Dr. He put me through different test blood work urine test bladder test ect. Nothing has shown why this is happening. Now I'm wearing adult briefs because I'm waking up stoked and now I'm wearing disposal underwear why I'm awake do to leaking. I'm getting frustrated because I have no answer. I can't take it anymore. Why is this happening?

Re: Bed wetting

Hi there sorry to here that you still have no answers to why you are wetting. I am the same first it started that I was having small wet spots on my undies now I’m also wetting my bed. I have been made to we’re diapers to help with it. I’m still waiting for my test results to come back. I do feel for ya.

Re: Bed wetting


Don't be disheartened it often takes many tests and a long time before a proper diagnosis can be reached. Although embarrassing diapers have their uses, they're preferable to peeing your pants and a catheter is incredibly uncomfortable. I hope you get some answers soon. You should get referred to a urologist. You also need a urodynamics test along with a prostate examination. Keep me informed as I have a lot of experience with this matter.