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Very, very dark urine

About 6 months ago I urinated and the urine was horribly dark. It appeared to have tiny silt-like specks in it. I had a urinalysis which showed small traces of blood. I took an antibiotic for about 10 days and the results were negative. I was and am in no pain & have no fever.

I am drinking 70+ oz of water, decaf tea, and sparkling water daily. My nighttime urine output has decreased substantially; sometimes I don't need to go at all. I'm 63 and before that I used to get up at least twice, sometimes 3 times at night. I got up twice last and passed a cup or so in one bedside urinal & few cups in another. The first was horribly dark & the second one was pale yellow. I use bedside urinals at night because I'm a paraplegic. My wife sits me up when I need to go and I drink at least 20 oz of water though the night.

The color of the nighttime urine and the first time I go in the morning is so dark that it looks like I'm severely dehydrated. The nighttime stuff is much darker than the first one in the AM. About an hour later, after 10 oz of water, the urine is very clear.

I'm not voiding during the night so the urine is just sitting in my bladder all night and something is "building up" or not being processed.

My very first thought was that some of the lining of my bladder might have sloughed off.

I have epilepsy, , bladder outlet obstruction, hypertension, eye problems, complex apnea and Does anyone have any similar problem or suggestions? I've made an appt with my PCP tomorrow to get a UA and a referral to a urologist as soon as possible.