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Flooding diapers while drinking


I have got urgency incontinence from a neurologic disability and depending on my mood I can pee really much in them. My neurologic disability affects me in different ways for example I can feel a terrible headace and feel dizziness when I have eaten or drunk to little, then I have to eat or drink much water to avoid that I faint because it can happen to me even if it is very seldom it happens

I drink really much water during a day, really hot summer days I can drink 4-7 litres of water daily. When I drink water I can´t hold my urine at all without wetting myself and I am really worried that it happens. I feel much more security when I have thick jelly diapers on because I can flood a diaper in just 1 hour then. I can´t feel when my diapers are soaked but I don´t care so much about that.

Re: Flooding diapers while drinking

Hi can you please tell me what the name of the diaper and can you recommend a diaper for me I am so afraid that I'm going to pee when I'm out in public thank you .