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The text finally came in!

Hey guys,

So the text finally came in!! He gave me the silent treatment for what seemed like an eternity which is totally unlike him so that's another sign that this has been really hard.

Here's what he finally said in response to me:

I’m not ready to talk about this in person so please don’t ever mention it. I can still barely talk to my own doctors about it. I just didn’t want you to keep thinking that I was leaving because I didn’t want to see you because I’m madly in love with you.

My immediate response to him:

I love you too and I completely understand if you’re not ready to talk about this. Know that I’m here for you and ready to listen if you do ever want to talk about it.
P.S.: Don’t think that I would ever care for a second about the type of underwear you wear…I mean come on I’m completely mesmerized by the other 99.999999% of the incredible man that is you! XOXOXO

We're going to meet up tomorrow for some drinks and football at a local restaurant and hopefully it'll all go well from here. I won't ever question it again if he needs to leave suddenly in the middle of things...

I just wanted to thank everyone here on this amazing site for supporting me through this difficult conversation and for providing me with recources to educate myself on his condition. God bless all of you. :)