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Wet undies

Hi there I’ve been getting wet spots in my undies I’m a male 34 year old. I’m lost on what to do? My undies become so wet that it shows through my pants and you can clearly see I have wet my self.

Would you think I need some sort of diaper to help this??? This only happens when I finish in the loo I drain my penis as much as I can but still end up wetting my self.

Re: Wet undies


First, welcome to the forum! That sounds like pretty heavy post void dribbling. I would say a male guard would help greatly until you can find out what is causing it. Depend Male Guards are a good product for that kind of thing and would vanish under clothing worn in your regular underwear.

That said, that is just a stopgap solution. I would suggest a visit with an Urologist to see what is causing the post void dribbling. It could be anything from incomplete bladder emptying, to an obstruction, etc... A checkup certainly can't hurt anything anyway.

I hope this helps! Please keep us updated on how things are going for you.

Kind Regards,

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Re: Wet undies

Hi Brian

Thank you for your advice. Over the last couple of days I have started wetting the bed at night I’m not sure if this has anything to do with my wettings in my undies or not. I go see my doctor in the next few days to see if they can help or not. My partner is threatening to buy me night diapers to deal with my bed wetting but I’m a bit embarrassed to even use them as I’m a 34 year old male who shouldn’t need to wear adult size diapers. The last time I was in diapers was at age 10 for bedwetting.

I can understand why she is wanting me to wear diapers to bed as it’s just to much for her to help me clean up when I do wet the bed. But going from undies back to diapers is a big thing for me.

Any advice on how to even get my head around wearing them at night and changing them in the morning would be great thank you.

Re: Wet undies

Hi Eamon,

How are you doing? I'm truly sorry to hear that you're going through this.

I just wanted to reach out to say: you're not alone. I'm 36, and I've been wetting my pants since I was 34.

Like you, I was pretty upset. I still have days when I'm anxious or ...grieving? Disappointed, anyway. But it gets better!

Doctors told me there was no hope for me because I have overactive bladder, and ...I really didn't want to believe them. Adult diapers are expensive, uncomfortable, and I felt a lot of shame. How would I be sexy and fun with my partner if I have to wear diapers? Would people smell me? I had a lot of questions and was super worried.

Happy to say: it took me a while to find a doctor who knew the latest treatments, but I'm doing much much, better now. I wear a thin liner some days when I don't want to think about whether I'll experience wetness at an annoying, distracting moment.

My way won't work for everyone, but I do believe most of us will find ways to cope with whatever life throws at us. It takes time. It's challenging. It's possible.

I hope you have a similar experience. You're brave to speak out here. Keep being brave. Keep trying. You're still young and you have options and you are worthy of love and belonging. Even in difficult moments.

Best wishes,

Re: Wet undies

Hi Nat.

Your right in saying I’m still young and with time things can change.well I went to my doctor the other day to see if they can help out or figure what’s going on with me. Now I must admit that going to the doctor was probably the most embarrassing thing I have done, to talk about what’s going on. At know point did I think he was going to do a full body examination on me I was wrong. Anyway he ran tests asked about family history etc etc. so I asked what he thinks should be the best way to handle this until I can get my body fixed. He mentioned there are one of to things, 1 use a catheter or 2 use protection. I took option 2 as I did not want a catheter put in me. It’s been hard over the last few weeks to adjust to this new life style at night. I know I’m young and what not but it is hard to adjust to wearing diapers. I feel embarrassed even talking about wearing diapers for a start and now using them to help with my wettings I have. I have noticed that they do work and help me out big time. I can wake up with a dry bed. I hope the doctor can help me as no 34 year old should need to wear diapers.

I’ll keep you up dated on what they say.

Re: Wet undies

Hi Eamon,

You mentioned that you were a bedwetter until the age of 10. In a lot of cases people who tend to suffer from some form of urinary incontinence have been bed wetters in the past. You really should make an appointment to see a urologist. Your gp can arrange this for you. They can usually arrange for you to see a continence nurse too. The sooner the better. You can buy tens guards in any supermarket, which will give you a bit of relief during the and they fit comfortably into your underwear. As for the overnight problem this is obviously quite bad as your partner is advising the use of adult diapers. If your partner is comfortable with this then maybe it might be an idea, until your problem is diagnosed. If you do take this option go for the side tab diapers as they will stay in place. Pull ups and underwear pads will move around resulting in wet sheets. Don't be embarrassed, it's not your fault. There are so many men in the same boat. Good luck.

Re: Wet undies

Hi Kevin

I have started wearing the tab style nappies at night and boy do they make a difference. I have been to see my gp about this she said with how much I’m voiding during the day it may be best if I use pull-up style pants or just stick with what I wear during the night. My partner has been very forthcoming and helpful with helping me change as I carnt say I am a pro at putting on and changing my nappies just yet. I’ll keep u updated on any changes

Re: Wet undies

Hi Kevin is there a good brand of night nappie I could try if you know of any I’m just wearing the depends briefs

Re: Wet undies

Tena ultima are very absorbant
Tena Maxi are also very good
Id slip also have a good range.
You can buy these on eBay and bulk buying will always prove to be cost effective.
Boots chemist have a good own branding nappy that is very similar to depends. They are expensive, but it's good to know just in case you get cut short, whilst out in public.
If you require any further info feel free to ask. I've been dealing with an oab for 5 years, due to motorcycle accident, so I have a small bit of knowledge.