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Hello everyone...

My invalid 300 pound 5’ 3” incontinent (urinal & fecal) roommate with 10 inch diameter leg calves (Lymphedema) became unable to change her own Depend® pull-up diapers 9 to 15 times per 24 hour day because she couldn't reach past her knees. She could no longer operate her ‘Grabber’. Internet product and patent searches found no solution for this problem. That task fell to me and I was literally dying from lack of RIM sleep involuntarily caregiving for her.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Fortunately, I've been a prolific inventor for over 55 years. So, I invented a $2 pull-up diaper changing device solution and made 15 of them for her. She's been using them unassisted for 9 months now. Although only one device is needed, my roommate likes to put 15 diapers on 15 of these devices at the same time (7~10 seconds each) and be good-to-go for 24 hours. After that, getting each diaper on and above the knees takes less than 10 seconds including removal of the device.

Her nurses suggested I research how many others in the world might need these devices as it might be worth mass producing. That's why I'm here and out doing demos at local assisted care facilities next week. If I find enough demand for it, I'll mass produce it.

Currently, I have no idea about how many incontinence patients have this problem as I described above.

All responses will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Cheers!