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Can you lose control without an obvious reason?

I know that sounds like a weird question, but that is what I am dealing with at this point. No infections or anything obvious have been shown. Is it possible for the bladder muscles to give out and that be the simple cause, so to speak. Before I started having leaking and now fully bladder incontinent at night and at least 50 percent during the day, I was having major urgency issues with my bladder. I’m talking 0-60 in less than ten seconds in terms of how badly I had to go. This was happening about five times a day with normal liquid consumption. The pain was so bad, I was seeing stars. I was a driver at the time. Can the bladder muscles become so hyperextended that they just won’t retrain. I’ve been trying the exercises I’ve seen, but I’m only getting worse. Doctor thinks maybe constipation was an issue but I’m actually pretty regular now that I can’t hold it as much. I work front end retail so this is an issue. I’m a man in his thirties. I have an appointment with a urologist. I’m just looking for some advice and so forth. Sorry for being long winded.

Re: Can you lose control without an obvious reason?

Sorry for such a delayed reply. I was thinking maybe someone else would chime in.

Without an OBVIOUS reason, sure, I guess you could. Incontinence though, is always caused by something. Have they done urodynamics and other testing to see what is going on? Any signs of MS or other neurological issues? Incontinence in itself is not an "illness". There is always an underlying cause that may or may not be treatable.

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Re: Can you lose control without an obvious reason?

My cause is from a birth defect that got worse with age by thirty no bladder control. By 31 loss control of bowels, I'm now 33 I can't remember what the feeling of needing to go even felt like for bladder. Once in a blue moon I feel my bowels. I'm sorry you're going through this.