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My dad's dignity and incontinence

My elderly parents live with me- my dad is unable to get up or walk, so he uses a bedside container to urinate in, then transfers the urine to a gallon jug- this causes a mess half the time. I am cleaning urine from this area several times a day. He also "leaks" urine, which gets all over his bedding, his mattress cover, and mattress frame. we have been using potty pads on the bed and floor but he still gets it all over the place.

He thinks urine is safe and that the mess is not a big deal. Im not sure if the mess is a result of him not realizing what he is doing or because its not that big of a deal to him. I dont know if I am dealing with a mental health issue or a lack of concern issue.

I have spoken to him on numerous occasions- I dont scold him or talk down to him- I just bring the issue to his attention to see what he is willing to do to get the situation under control. But that is not working.

My husband and my mom are on the same page as I am- getting him a catheter- But my dad does not want that.

what do I do? how do I talk to him to get him to change his behavior- while keeping his dignity intact?