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My fear to use diapers


I am an adult woman 39 yers old with a weak bladder and a permanent heavy urinary incontinence. I have to use very thick diapers 24/7 and I mostly wear a short suit that covers the diapers and my wide butt. I have had my incontinence issue for about 2 years now but I still suffer from a fear that the diapers will leak as soon as I pee in them. My girlfriends know about my issue and they have accept it. When I go out with them they know I wear diapers under my suit and they also know that when I sit down with crossed legs I I inform them with my body language that now I pee very much for several minutes in the diapers but at the same time I get this unexplainable fear.


Re: My fear to use diapers

Very sorry You are dealing with this. It is a very difficult and embarrasing thing to have to deal with. I deal with it too. Worse in some ways.