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My 2 challenging issues. How would you handle?

Situation 1: I'm 51 and prostate enlargement causes me to get up in the night and disturbs my sleep. Over the last couple years I've had a dozen wet beds plus 12-18 close calls of almost not waking up in time. No wet beds and 1 close call in last 3 to 6 months. Taking supplement pygeum which does a pretty good job keeping urinary symptoms manageable (was on Flomax but quit that after a year).

My problem is that I obsess about wetting the bed and worry about it, even though it hasn't bothered me as of late. I started wearing diapers to bed when the problems began and I can't seem to have the confidence to get rid of them.

Situation 2: Bad external hemorrhoids keep me from cleaning myself properly so my underwear is always stained and sometimes it's downright gross. My wife is getting pretty tired of washing my underwear and I'm sick of wearing dirty underwear so I'm changing more often than I like. I've tried butterfly pads but my butt is too small to hold the pad in place. I've tried other pads in my underwear including kids' diaper boosters, urinary pads, etc. but they seem uncomfortable and shift too easy in the underwear. Currently I'm just placing a child's diaper in my underwear to catch the stain. because it spreads out a little in both front and back it doesn't shift position as much.

Do you know of a better way to keep my underwear clean?

Re: My 2 challenging issues. How would you handle?


Challenging issue #1, a diaper at night is totally appropriate and SO SO much better than a wet bed!

Challenging issue #2, what about a pair of disposable protective underwear? They pull up and down JUST like regular underwear, but would handle any issues. they vanish under everyday clothes, so that wouldn't be an issue either.

I hope this helps!

Kind Regards,