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Crohns Disease - finally gave in a started wearing diapers full time

Hey Everyone,

I’m a 29 yr old male who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease a couple of years ago. Pretty devastating news but I tried to struggle on. However, things are progressively got worse leading to a few accidents that crushed me psychologically.

I was advised that I really needed to wear proper protection 24/7 which I was reluctant to do but I knew it was worse to have accidents when out. I have started wearing diapers but am so self conscious about whether people can see it or tell I’m wearing one by the slightly different way I fell I walk now. Even little things like not being so able to sit cross legged worry me.

During the day I wear the diaper plus some plastic pants with popper fastening. I don’t think they make too much noise when I walk. At night I worry about leaks on my bed so wear another pair of plastic pants as well.

The other thing which I hate is that because I am very hairy (legs, arms, chest and also backside) I have been thinking I need to shave my who,e “middle area” - I know it will make clean up easier but what about potential partners, what will they think?

I know I’ve got to wear diapers but I hate it at 29 years old.

Are there any other youngish guys in a similar situation to me?


Re: Crohns Disease - finally gave in a started wearing diapers full time


Sounds like your really being drug through the mud. Keep your chin up man. I know where you are coming from. I was diagnosed in 2007. Had 2 resections. 01/2011 I lost the terminal ileum and a little over 39 inches of my small intestine. 11/2016 I lost 6 inches more of my small intestine and 4 inches of my large. Since 07 I have been on and failed pentasa, remicade, humira (twice) entyvio, and stared cimzia. I am 34, will be 35 in October. I don't have to be in them 24/7 yet. But definitely when I flare up. I have the start of a prolapsed rectum, and my sphincter is weakened from all the straining. Have had chronic diarrhea sice 12/2006 when i would have a BM, I would literally sit there straining for 10 15 minutes cause I felt I still had to go. So **** it man. If I would be in them 24/7, I would go do what I wanted, when I wanted. If some one want to stare, I would give them something to stare at. I'm still alive, able to get out of bed under my own strength. If a diaper would be the only thing standing between me and my freedom. Here I come... A comfortable urinary/fecal diaper us Seni Super quatro. 49 a case of 89. The are comfortable, hold excellent, never had a seni leak.if you have Facebook, look me up. Clinton Thomas my city is confluence pa