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Re: Troubles with Tape on Pants

Hi Emily. I am thinking You need a more high waist brief. Any of the overnight disposable briefs I think. Or maybe go up a size? Thats what they are made for. I'm a disabled mother. And quadriplegic. I need to wear a overnight brief with a booster. I sleep mostly 10-12 hours a night. My husband or caregivers have to turn or reposition Me several times through the night to prevent pressure sores. I rarely have to be changed unless I have a bowel accident. I normally use the Tranquility ATN briefs and boosters. There are several other brands as well.

Re: Troubles with Tape on Pants

Hi Emily,
I agree with Brandie on this wholeheartedly. This is a problem any number of us face or have faced, especially since many manufacturers shifted from plastic-faced products to the "new & improved" densely woven 'fabric/breathable' lines. As they - laudably - shifted away from plastic, too many went cheap and eliminated the waistbands...the one-time "gold standard" for European-designed products is infamous for this foolish action...and the fit has proven inadequate. If you do find yourself relying on a 'fabric' product might I suggest extending the tapes by way of 1-inch plastic or fabric tape, available at most supermarkets/drugstores, especially if the Velcro tapes become loose too often. Hope this helps a little.