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Looking for some advice

In may of 2016 i was in a very bad car accident that really messed up my body, but being the idiot i am instead of getting the help i needed i ignored the pain and kept working for over a year till my body finally gave out on me and i was removed from work on June first of 2018. I have been out of work since and have become disabled because of the issues i have with my back and arms. I was getting temp disability but my job screwed me over and said that i wasn't sending in my documentation from my doctor despite me doing so.

So now my life has become completely destroyed with no income I lost my house, and almost everything I own (I only mention all this to explain why i am in in the situation i am in). I am trying to get full time disability but it takes time as i am sure people here know. My issue is that about 4 months ago I started having urinary incontinence problems so i went to my doctor after about a month and a half because i was ashamed and embarrassed. She sent me to a urologist but I cant get into that doctor till the middle of January and i don't know what to do.

I am tired of not making it to the bathroom and going thru multiple pairs of pants a day. I've tried adult diapers and they work well id much rather that than the alternative but i cant afford them as i have no income. I have looked online and sites say there are places you can get them if your poor be it they will send some or help find cheaper ones or what ever but you need to have a prescription for them to help, which i don't have as I cant get into the urologist till January So i don't know what to do and I am sick and tired of wetting my pants and being scared to go places cause i know it will happen or I wont make it in time and end up going in my pants a little. I thought about trying a gofundme but then id have to admit to the world how bad of shape I am in and I am not ready for that and I am a nobody so why would anyone help me.

I am really stressed out about all this and have no idea what the hell to do anymore. I would love some advice if anyone has any i know my situation is way out of the normal so Part of me thinks there probably is no advice for that i just dont know what else to try now so i came here.

Re: Looking for some advice

Here in the UK I have found nurses at my GP's surgery useful on dealing with incontinence. There is a big variety of products at very different prices. Nurses might be able to advise on the most economical way of providing what you need. The Salvation Army might be able to help with some of the other issues you mention.