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Baby Powder

In 1985 the Veterans hospital operated on my bladder and has supplied me with briefs ever since. During that time I used baby powder in between changes to stay dry and protect my skin. Little did I know that the baby powder has Talc in it. In 2006 I had a body scan for another reason but they found asbestos in my lungs. For the last three years I have had my lungs scanned once each year to watch for any changes in my lungs. So far I am good. After I found out about asbestos in baby powder, I switched to corn starch I buy at the grocery store. It doesn’t have asbestos in it and it is heavy enough so I don’t inhale it and it doesn’t float all over the place. I tried baby powder with cornstarch it but they make it so fine that the particles float all over my apartment. I didn’t want to inhale that so I threw it away and us the corn starch I buy in the grocery store.