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Wetting my self at 27

So a while back say shy of a month while lifting and carrying some fur nature I hurt my pelvic floor muscle shortly thereafter i noticed i was dribbling more than usual and it progressively has gotten worse to the effect that i started wearing a mens pad all the time to avoid noticeable wet pants. I also have been having minor accidents hear and there usually when I'm being active. What should I watch for and could this get worse.


Re: Wetting my self at 27

First, I would make sure you check in with a doctor to make sure there is not something more serious going on medically. For now you may want to check into using some kind of an absorbent pullup underwear product. with that you would not need to change so often. I use many of the products from NorthShore and here is a link to their page on the pullup style products. They will send you samples for free for you to try. Let us know how you are doing.