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Artificial Urinary Sphincter

Following a prostatectomy in 2017 I began having very serious incontinence issues using on the average 6+ Depends a day. In 2018 I had what's called Sling surgery which was effective for a short while but soon I was back in the same situation again. The only option left to me was to have an artificial urinary sphincter. I won't get into the mechanics because anyone interested can google it for more info but this has been a godsend. I'm now down to two pads a day which I'm changing with minimal leakage. The sphincter surgery was a breeze. Discharged the same day.
Just a further note to any VietNam vets out there. Don't hesitate to contact your local VA if you had boots on the ground in an Agent Orange sprayed area and have medical problems associated with Agent Orange. I get a monthly pension from the VA as well as being supplied with free Depends and pads. Take care folks!