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Re: Leaking with disposable briefs/Question about ConfiDry 24/7 briefs

While we have received random complaints about tapes or other aspects of ConfiDry 24/7, we do also get similar complaints due to manufacturing variances on most every brand.

While are very optimistic that the ConfiDry issues are resolvable, if not already, we decided to stop selling this product line for a wide variety of business reasons and just determined it wasn't the right fit for NorthShore going forward.

That doesn't mean that ConfiDry cannot still be a good fit for you. I would recommend contacting the factory at to find alternate sources if that product is the best option for you.

Re: Leaking with disposable briefs/Question about ConfiDry 24/7 briefs

Thanks for your reply and input Adam! I was going to say the same thing. If you look at the review here on the site, I note the inconsistencies in quality/manufacturing/performance, and for this reason, I have always noted in the end of the review "buyer beware". As of right now, the Dry 24/7 is the only product that has that warning.

I hate to say this, because I am a firm believer in manufacturing the United States, but when they were manufactured overseas, the Dry 24/7 was a MUCH MUCH MUCH higher quality and consistent product. At first when they started manufacturing here, I chalked the quality/performance issues to getting manufacturing back together, but they still persist.

If people are looking for alternatives to the ConfiDry 24/7, there are many...with a tape landing zone and without. I was actually in the process of drafting an email to DryCare i my head in regards to the crazy inconsistencies and quality issues I've seen as of late. I had heard rumor that they were going out of business, which would explain the lack of care on quality and consistency, but I have not seen that from a qualified source, so have to discount it for now.

Collin: If you're looking for a similar product in fit and performance, with a MUCH higher quality and consistency, the Northshore MegaMax are excellent! They have a tape landing zone, if you like those, and the tapes hold like IRON. Really good alternative to the ConfiDry 24/7. The other good alternative is the Better Dry Brief. They DO NOT have a landing zone, but have all the other features of the MegaMax and ConfiDry 24/7 along with crazy good consistency. In the review I said they absorb SO fast and SO well that I could probably stand my head and wet the product and it would not leak...and I still hold to that. I'm a side sleeper and the way it fits me and absorbs, I have YET to have had it leak on me at night.

Good to see you here Adam! Thanks for the confirmation that you will be discontinuing the product. I had seen rumor of that and was going to ask you about it Monday, but now I know it's true.

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Re: Leaking with disposable briefs/Question about ConfiDry 24/7 briefs

Hello Everyone,

I've been a long time user of the ConfiDry 24/7 (courtesy of XP Medical) and have only had a few very minor daytime leaks due to pin-prick sized holes that were easily contained by my plastic pants and only one nighttime leak that I can recall, out of the top of the diaper. I do use booster pads for the extra security. Overall the 24/7 with a booster and plastic pants has been a very reliable combination for me. That said I have noticed that the plastic exterior has gotten a lot thinner recently and the new tapes become detached at their base if they're pulled too hard. Once on they seem to be okay, and if I'm careful when attaching and adjusting the tapes I have no separation issues. I do find it necessary to reinforce the upper tapes at night to prevent slippage at the waist and a wet bed, which is pretty universal with all diapers except for the MegaMax and its amazing landing zone. All in all they're still a great diaper, but there has been a decline in quality.

I'm very impressed with the MegaMax advertising and also the Northshore website. I decided to give the MegaMax a try and requested a sample. The basic capacity was great and the tape "landing zone" is simply amazing. The samples I received worked well so I ordered a case to try out. A case of 40 came to $ 107.68, which is $ 2.69 per diaper. A case of 72 of the ConfiDry 24/7 runs me $ 128, which comes to 1.78 per diaper. That's almost a $ 1 difference. I did have one MegaMax leak at the leg, which is pretty serious for me. I am an active professional and really, really don't want to wet my pants in public. While not catastrophic, the leak was big enough that it would have been obvious to anyone that noticed that I had wet my pants. Even though it probably isn't necessary, I always use a booster and plastic pants just for the extra security so the leak could have been even worse. I'd be willing to give the MegaMaxes another shot and write the leak off to bad luck, but for a dollar more per diaper, it just isn't worth it to me. Provided the MegaMax doesn't leak again, it is a marginally superior diaper to the 24/7, but not enough to justify that much extra cost, which over the course of a year would run me about $ 960 more.