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I am new here.

I suffer with really bad incontinence (when you gotta go, you gotta go)- and it's to the point where I am wearing nappies to prevent it going all over me

I shower, I wear body spray, I wear perfume, I eat well- but 4/ 5 times a day, I find myself messing my nappy, really really badly, by the time I've finished it stinks, to put it bluntly

this is causing me depression (I hate being so smelly), and issues when I'm out with my friends- while they are enjoying themselves and trying to get me to do the same thing, I'm up against a wall somewhere, or sat on a bench filling my nappy (to the point people smell me a mile off and comment)

so yeah that's me

Re: hey

I hear you ayesha.

my friends call me " smelly sophie", my nappies are bad too

Re: hey

There are products like nullo That help with odors from incontinence.

Re: hey

Hey i wear diapers 24 hours a Day too