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constipated but still filthy

this afternoon I have been extremely constipated (swaying uncomfortably, switching positions) anything to release the gas

but it's stuck in their fast.

before dinner, (so about an hour ago) I noticed an odor coming from my nappy, and whent to the bathroom to check it was filthy, yet I am still suffering really severe constipation

I need to just empty myself good and proper. but how to get things moving

Re: constipated but still filthy

massage your groin, that will get you moving. also if you lean down and come up really fast several times.

also: are you sure it's not because their's just lots to come out?. you have said you were dirty when you went to change, I am wondering if the constipation feeling is not actually that, it's too much trying to come out at once. I have had that happen to me

Re: constipated but still filthy

for me it's all about how you are positioned

sit down (preffably on a bed), open your legs wide, and just let it come out. never failed me

if you do get stuck, quickly cross your legs again to get the rest out

Re: constipated but still filthy

I do get constipated a few times over the year. I usually take a fleet liquid glycerin suppository (7.5 ml). Maybe 5 to 10 minutes. Laying down on a bed works better for me. I lay on my back with my knees bent. Then I just completely relax. It always work.

Re: constipated but still filthy

Oh yes, the joy of IBS-C. I use MiraLAX, a fiber supplement, and sometimes add a Senokot if needed. As my gastro MD says, it's whatever works for me since my insurance co. will not pay for the prescription pills for the IBS-C.

Re: constipated but still filthy

Hi Sophie. Sorry Your having these issues. I'm quadriplegic. And like most paralyzed people I had problems with consitpatian for years. What happens is the constipated stool gets stuck and loose stool pushes past causing bowel incontinence accidents. Getting on a bowel program can help that. I see people talking about positioning. And that too helps to release the bowel.