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Long term solution

My dad is 87 was mentally and physically v fit until falling and breaking his hip in February. He had prostate cancer and had an artificial valve fitted to be able to control his pee. After hip op he developed an infection in the valve & it was removed. He is now incontinent which has caused him to fall into a huge depression which is affecting his quality of life enormously. He had a catheter after the hip op & he was v happy with this, as allowed him dignity. Pads are not effective and he feels totally diminished. My 82 year old mother though fit & healthy is struggling. He has become sad, low & bitter. They live abroad and I feel helpless! What options are there? He is deteriorating rapidly due to him feeling so diminished. It’s heartbreaking. Is there any way to have a catheter long term?

Re: Long term solution

I wish I had the answers, I really do.

I just wanted to write and say that I wish you all the best
I have watched loved ones deteriorate (my grandmother had dimentia, and the last few years were hard to watch)

I am here to talk if you want. I check these boards quite often

really wish I could say more

em xx

Re: Long term solution

I have had a suprapubic catheter since May 2013 when I was 65. Urinary tract infections and catheter blockages have been problems but these have been controlled using 4x50mg Nitrofurantoin per day for 7 days to cure them then 1x50mg per day to prevent them returning. It is not a perfect solution but is probably the best alternative for me.