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lack of motivation to shower

does anyone find a complete lack of motivation when it comes to showering?

now I'm the first to admit: 9 times out of 10, when I go to change, I stink and I have actually been told hey em.. you need to shower more often, better to smell nice

but I shower then stink again so I don't see the motivation. I do shower, I shower when I go out, I shower if I've had a particularly bad accident, but I don't if I don't need to- and then I'm like well if I do and go out and something happens, that's that. I've tried but proven my point again

Re: lack of motivation to shower

I try to shower in the evening before I go to bedd
this way: I know that when I go to sleep, at least I am clean. I don't know how I'll be when I wake up, but a clean bed with a clean person in it... it's a nice feeling

plus: I'd rather do it in the evening than shower in the morning and feel horrible later for smelling so soon after.

this way

Re: lack of motivation to shower

I have the same problem. Yesterday for example i had a very wet diaper when i woke up. I had a shower and i put on a clean diaper. Even before i get in to my car, i made a big mess. As yo can understand i didnt showered again but i changed my diaper at night before i go to bed!

Re: lack of motivation to shower

I love a good shower on a summers day. Cools me right down

Re: lack of motivation to shower

I am very careful to stay hydrated so my urine doesn't become too concentrated and smellier. I also change regularly, wipe down with scented wipes and shower daily, so thankfully I've really never noticed much of an odor issue. I suppose on those occasions when I might smell, the plastic-backed diapers I wear and the plastic pants I wear over the diapers are helpful. I never use "cloth-like" diapers. I guess I figure that if the diaper is "breathable" and lets cool air in and hot air out, odors are probably going to go out with the hot air too!