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I feel about 3 stone lighter today

after 3 relatively good days, today was the day everything decided to come out (I'm not going anywhere, so I'm okay, no embarrassing looks or comments)

up at 2 A.M, nappy absolutely soaking (I couldn't get back to sleep after I changed, so just lay their)

multiple bowel movements after my breakfast filling my nappy super quickly, not sure what happened in the afternoon but the smell was disgusting, and about an hour ago was listening to my podcast and wet myself and had a bowel movement. worse day in a good while, but like I say- not doing anything, I'm not seeing anyone later, so let it come.

I do hope tomorrow is better though. meant to be seeing someone to wish her a happy birthday and give her a card I made myself

Re: I feel about 3 stone lighter today

I feel like this right now. My nappy is soaked wet and i had 2 very big bowel movements during the night.