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update for friday


I slept well last night, I didn't wake until 7 A.M.

when I got out of bed I put myself in the shower and had a full body wash/ hair wash, got out and painted my nails
I also had a good breakfast (toast). trying to make up for yesterday, I was a sorry site, no energy, and smelly.
currently sat here: room smells of nail polish and it's lovely. I love the smell of nail polish. think I am going to go out to my friends (the one I was going to see yesterday) come back and have a chilled afternoon

Re: update for friday

she loved the card.

I was able to go and give it to her, we had a drink as well.

afterwards she went upstairs to show me what else she got, came down to find me sat on her sofa going in my nappy. I felt so embarrassed asking her if I could change in her bathroom, but I asked and she said it was okay. she really didn't mind, when I came out she just smiled at me and said well, these things happen sometimes, least you're cleaner now
and she told me about her other presents, which were good, and then I went home. she got her card, that's the main thing

I'm relaxing this afternoon. ordering out fish and chips