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has anyone

ever had to give up a food that they like because of the resulting " affects?"

I am thinking about doing this with fruit:. I love it, especially grapes and plums, but they really make my nappies stink. my problem is I won't eat veg, and I need to get the healthy 5 a day from somewhere

anyone else given up (or thought of giving up) a food that they like for this reason?

Re: has anyone

About 3 or so years ago. My body had progressed to the point I was having a hard time chewing or swallowing. I had to have a feeding tube installed. I can still eat some food the normal way but its a very slow process for Me and My caregivers. If You have lost bowel control. There are internal deoderants like nullo You can take to cut down on the smells. It helps nuetralize urine smells too. Also wearing a full plastic backed over night style brief helps with oder as well. Its important to get all the nutrician Your body need.

Re: has anyone

I really like spicy food- so things like hot doritos, curry, spicy sausages, but my body doesn't

I've not given them up, rather made them a luxury. if I'm feeling down, and need a treat, I'll have something spicy

Re: has anyone

mine's crisps

but I'm not going to give them up, love them. especially when I feel my main meal's not quite filled me up... nice snack