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ranting about self-care again

seriously: is it too much to ask for a relaxing morning and a clean nappy?

I was up at 3 A.M, nappy was completely full (wet and smelly). given the severity (it was really bad), I hopped in the shower- did my hair, complete body wash, took myself out, put some nice perfume on- felt pretty food about myself, smelling good, feeling clean etc

went to have breakfast and sit in the lounge for a while, and while I was their had a really severe bowel movement. I could have screamed. my nappy smelled like it hadon't been changed in a week. I didn't shower again, just changed, but what's the point. this afternoon I had another severe bowel movement and I stank again

to hell with self-care. to hell with it. if a clean nappy is too much to ask for, so is me showering

Re: ranting about self-care again

I completly understand you. I have the same problem too

Re: ranting about self-care again

What is the medical condition. That causes Your incontinence? I posted in another thread here. About taking nullo or a similar product. It at least helps with the smell. Which helps with the embarrasment. Here is a link

Re: ranting about self-care again

Crohns Disease. Inflammatory bowel disease. It's not fun stuff