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does anyone here get really depressed along with their incontinence?

like they are standing their changing (for the 5th, 6th time) in the day and thinking why is this me?. I'm inteligent, I'm smart, I have plans, and here I am doing this?. why me?

I do sometimes

Re: depression

I can't say I get depressed about it, but understand how you must feel

Re: depression

I take it back.

today I feel like this. I was having a really good day (dry, clean, not smelly in the slightest) so thought I'd catch up with my soap operas- and in the middle of watching one of them I start smelling really bad and when I went to check, I could have died. my nappy was litirally overflowing and I even said out loud wow rach, that stinks. took me ages to change too, because I was just so dirty. clean now, but it's reminded me that actually this issue can strike anytime, you can have a really good day- and then you do that.

Re: depression

I totally agree. I have the same situations

Re: depression

depressed no. disgusted, yes

when I make use of my nappy, it's not a gradual thing. when it's all ready to come out, it will in 1 big bowel movement. I can go from clean, dry and happy, to smelly full and overflowing in a matter of minits sometimes- and I do feel embarrassed, sitting their smelling up the place- my nappy stinks, I stink, the room stinks, but I just get up, change and move on