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Re: Diaper is a taboo

if I'm clean, and I know I'm clean, I'm not bothered and will walk like normal like it's nothing unusual, nothing to see here, pay no special attention to me.

if I know (or think) I may be dirty, it's a diffrent story. I feel like someone hiding in the shadows wondering if anyone's going to notice and think it's gross.

also I hate whispering. especially on things such as pubblic transport

Re: Diaper is a taboo

Do you also wear diapers?

Re: Diaper is a taboo

I don't really think about it.

i'm sure people have a lot more interesting things to do than wonder what someone is wearing

Re: Diaper is a taboo

On bad days, people can smell me coming. No one comments on it though (the nappy situation). Sometimes people will ask me when I last showered, but I havd had people who will say to me something like I think you need changing (like they all ready know)

I've been in shops and in cafes when I've needed to go, I just stand their and go then ask where the toilet is.

Most natural thing in the world to me

Re: Diaper is a taboo

To claim that “in this era, wearing a diaper is taboo” runs comfortably into the ‘nonsense’, but that comes with a caveat on where one lives. I’ve lived with combination incontinence for over a decade, and my preferred choice has been the plastic-shell “Attends” supported by plastic pants. Over the years I’ve heard some snark - I’ve also had a few people walk up and ask discreetly ask what I wore and where they might purchase either and both. The idea of a “taboo” is almost laughable; an estimated 65 million people live with some degree of incontinence or ‘bladder leakage’, and at least 26 million of these are men. Over the years I’ve tried pads, “undergarments”, both indwelling and condom catheters, and have returned time and again to “Attends” and pants...because fie me, at least, they work. I do agree with some of the comments made regarding the domestic runs of the “24/7” diapers...the German variants owned to superior quality control, and my own overnight choice has been “BetterDry” - consistent reliability. So, are diapers a “taboo” subject - no, they’re simply a matter of personal choice, and it’s been my experience that nowadays people are more interested in staring at a five-inch screen as they wander along rather than what I’m wearing to manage my dysfunction.

As the population(s) ages this is less of a “taboo” and more of a workable reality...far more more people are adjusting to life in a disposable product than would have considered possible a decade ago. Admittedly, getting up and dealing with a filled overnight diaper is a challenge, and for most of us putting on that first diaper (and those ubiquitous pants !) is frustrating; we’re adults, after all, still coming to terms with this unwanted return to infancy. The Grateful Dead probably offered the best thoughts on the natter : “...we will get by, we will survive.” Be safe, be well.

Re: Diaper is a taboo

Peterbear, I could not agree more. After 26 years of incontinence, and having to wear diapers, I have never once had a negative comment in regards to me wearing a diaper. I was ashamed, and embarrassed at first. I used to dread when I had to buy diapers at the store. I used to worry if someone I knew would see me, or that a stranger in the store would snicker. This is no longer the case. All my friends, family, and co-workers are aware of my condition. And like I said before, I have never once had a negative comment. I often openly joke about wearing diapers. One of my favorite quips is if a co-worker says I am going to the bathroom for a pee break, I often say "It's always people with bladder control that hold up the show.". That is always good for a laugh. With the improvement in absorbency, fit, and comfort of adult diapers over the years, Incontinence is a non issue for me. And in my job as a locomotive, and a semi operator, I look at diapers as an added benefit. Fellow incon. folks, stop worrying what others think. Diapers are not taboo. Just tape a diaper on, and get on with life.