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how often do you change your nappy?

and do you wait until it's full?

I always change when I wake up in the morning, always, no questions asked. I go in the bathroom and change (my nappy in the morning is usually quite full)
for much of the rest of the day, I rely on checking myself on a regular bases (so just because I can smell myself, doesn't mean I'll change). if I have had a really bad accident, I will change, or if I'm wet (I hate being wet)

I'll change just before I have dinner (even if I'm clean, I'll change), as I like to feel clean while I eat

after dinner same as the day. if I really smell, (or I'm wet), I'll change- otherwise I will leave it

and I'll give myself a clean nappy for bed

so.. 3 essential changes a day, plus allowances for any really bad accidents I may have in between time

I know I am worse in the morning, so in the evening I can give myself a little more breathing space

Re: how often do you change your nappy?

a lot, but not often enough.
I usually change as soon as I can smell myself. reason is, if I don't, my nappy fills quickly and it's actually quite uncomfortable

I seriously stink though. I don't know how I can fill so many nappies in a day

Re: how often do you change your nappy?

I wear nappies 24/7. I use them as potty. I never use the toilet. I usually change my nappy twice a Day. One in the morning when i woke up and at night before i go to bed.

Re: how often do you change your nappy?

I certainly don't wait until it's full.

when I changed this morning, I could have worn it for a few more hours probably. just did something particuarly smelly so wanted to change

I'll let it get fuller if I'm unable to change at the time (if I'm doing something that requires my full attention like the shopping)

Re: how often do you change your nappy?

If my diaper is not full i cant change.

Re: how often do you change your nappy?

I'm quadriplegic. So My caregivers and husband have to change Me. One of the first things every morning before getting Me out of bed. And into My chair. Is to change My incontinence brief (diaper). Then after My morning routine and in My chair. I may need to be changed after about 3-4 hours. Then shortly after lunch maybe another 3 hours. After that perhaps early evening after dinner and once again right before bed. If I have a bowel accident I need to be changed asap. I have a feeding tube which generally makes bowel incontinence worse. Often after a tube feeding My body will leak a small amount of liquid stool. But My caregiver generally just changes the booster pad. I really only have a complete bowel accident every 2-3 days. But it can be bad and I really never know when. So I just have to use overnight products with a booster or doubled usually. As well as being kept on a bed pad or incontinence pad in My chair. Its been a nightmare. My hope is at some point I can be well enough. to have the surgery. To get a colostomy for My bowel and supra pubic catheter for My bladder. But in a ventilater and feeding tube dependent condition. My drs are reluctant. to put Me under any kind of anesthesia or surgery. Unless absolutely necessary. So who knows. You know what is best for You. But skin care is the primary concern with incontinence. The better products wick urine away from the skin better. And the less You need to be changed.

Re: how often do you change your nappy?

I've been diapered 24/7 since 2006 and generally know from experience when I need to change. At the very least I change my diaper every 3 to 4 hours during the day, and occasionally I'll need to change once at night. I use the ConfiDry 24/7 with a booster pad (large for daytime and extra-large for nighttime) and plastic pants. This is a good combination for me, so if I don't push the changes too far I seldom leak.

Re: how often do you change your nappy?

I change when I start to stink

which to be fair is quite a lot

even in a dry clean nappy I'm smelly

maybe 3/4 times per day


Re: how often do you change your nappy?

I really don't think people can smell a wet nappy as much as you think... I mean, we must have all been around adults in wet nappies on many occasions and not noticed. Unless you're very intimate with someone, they're unlikely to notice anything until well after you do so yourself.