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Seeking input on nonprofit vetting procedure


I have not been on this forum in a coon's age. I usually post on the other incontinence forum. I am seeking input on something. I am hoping to found a nonprofit helping those in need access incontinece products, and in particular premium supplies for the heaviest of incontinence. Since incontinence eats into your budget no matter what you make, and since most of my targeted recipients are not eligible for Medicaid anyway, I am not asking for income verification. What I would be asking for is photo ID with all infomation other than Name and address covered, a signed statement from a healthcare professional verfiying one has an incontinence conditon, and reciepts for products purchased. I serve individuals who have a monthly product cost of 100 or more and don't have access to Medicaid. I am envisioning a 6 month supply program and a year long supply program. The number of recipents will be initially limited. I am tired so I don't have time to go into all the criteria, but suffice it to say those dealt with the toughest hand will be elgible for the year long program (spend more that 150 a month, have both bladder and bowel incontnence, recently became incontinent in the past year, special needs child who can't wear medicaid provided diapers)

I am trying my best to make it easy to provide the needed critera without making folks uncofortable. I want to cut the red tape as much as possible. So what do you think? Would anyone object to providing this critera?