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Absorbent products

I'm having a hard time asking this but does anyone know which absorbent products are good?

Re: Absorbent products

There are many good products on the market. However, the two best products, IMHO, are Seni Quatro, and Confidry 24/7

Re: Absorbent products

Good Morning!

What type of product are you looking for? As you can see in our Incontinence Product Types article here: there are many different types of absorbent products out there.

Depending on your type of incontinence, a simple pad in your underwear may be effective, or you may need as much as a full tape on brief (diaper).

If you can give some idea of what type of product you are looking for, I am sure we can help you out!

I have total incontinence, so I use tape/hook and loop tab briefs/diapers all the time. Some of the best are Northshore Supreme, Northshore MegaMax, Beyond XP5000, etc... You can check out our diaper reviews page here:

I hope this helps!

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