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I have OAB; Using Diapers for Frequent Urination


I have OAB. It is commonly known that frequent urination and urge incontinence is a part of this. My thing is, I simply can't hold my bladder that long, or if I do without a lot of discomfort and I always have the need to urinate quite frequently. Sure, I can go without protection if I go to the bathroom A LOT (sometimes >3times in an hour), but it sucks. My life is simply easier if I wear protection and use it- even when I don't have to. Can anyone relate to this?

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Re: I have OAB; Using Diapers for Frequent Urination

I have almost the exact same situation. I have had OAB almost all my life. I finally started wearing protection about 25 years ago. I was then prescribed blood pressure meds that are a diuretic! That only made things worse. I was going many times during the day and getting up 3-4 times per night to pee. I finally began to use pullups during the day and tape on Diapers at night. I now use tape on diapers 24/7. I can now stay in bed all night. I still wake up when I need to pee, but can go in my diaper and go back to sleep. I am so much more rested and relaxed. I do the same as you during the day. When I need to pee, I use my diaper and change when it's convenient. What products do you find work best for you?
Gary B