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Reusable incontinence underwear research

Hi everyone, I hope you don't mind me posting here. As a lifelong sufferer of incontinence (born with spina bifida and an overactive bladder), I know how hard it can be. Since last year it has worsened and instead of using diapers or pads which end up costing a lot and are often uncomfortable, I have decided to launch my own company of beautiful reusable incontinence underwear (for women to begin with). To do this I am conducting market research and would truly appreciate those willing to take 10-15 minutes to respond to the survey. The initial questions are general demographic ones and then it gets into the nitty gritty. It can be done in English, French and Portuguese and entirely anonymously, so no embarrassment for anyone! Any questions, just let me know. Thank you so much for your time and help!

The link is: