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Incontinence issue

Hi I'm having severe problems with urine leakage, I wouldn't call it stress or urge, it can happen when I've used the toilet, basically I am leaking urine as I'm walking about. It's really affecting my day to day life, I don't drink much as I am aware that although I go to the toilet after a drink, I will still lose urine without the urge to go, it will just dribble out. I have seen a Dr, but as yet no real help, I have had a scan of my pelvis which apparently was fine, I've actually not heard from the Dr since I've had this, so I feel I'm not getting any where. I am 57 in December & as I said starting to get depressed over this issue.

Re: Incontinence issue

First off, try not to be depressed by this issue, or let it overwhelm you. There are an estimated 65 million people in the US and Canada who live with some level of urinary system dysfunction, aka incontinence. You noted that you’ve consulted a doctor about the issue - was this simply an MD or a urologist, and if not the latter I’d strongly urge you to obtain a referral by your doc ASAP. If you’ve watched tv at any length you may have noticed that incontinence - and the products that can and will offer reliable management of same - are appearing with some frequency; to a greater degree the stigma that has been attached to incontinence has been significantly reduced, but that doesn’t always eliminate the personal mindset…(‘Oh no…I’m wearing a this, or this, or that….surely someone’s going to see the outline - they’re going to know that I’m incontinent !’) I’ve lived with combination incontinence (stress & urge) for over a decade, and tried virtually every product from pads to pull-ups to external catheters to diapers, and I’ve settled on the latter. Bluntly, it takes a while to arrive at the “I don’t give a rat’s patootie what you, or you or you think about my wearing xyz product. My clothes are dry, my furniture is unsoiled as are my vehicle seats. As an adult I made a difficult choice - one supported by the members of my HMO - and live with the idea/belief that there might be a resolution to my condition.” Don’t lose heart - as I noted at the beginning, you’re hardly alone. Check back with your MD, see a good urologist (or two !) and come back here, let us know how you’re getting on. Enjoy a happy and safe Thanksgiving, stay hydrated. Be well, Pete

Re: Incontinence issue

I was incontinent for 20 years before it occurred to me that maybe it could be FIXED!
I went to a urologist who did a procedure ( Pessary) and I was
Dry for …… 6 days!😟
They re-did it and same exact thing happened. So I decided to travel 4 hours to the Cleveland Clinic in south Florida where imaging showed I had all my organs “falling” out. Pelvic Organ Prolapse.
After a painful ( but worth it!) surgery I was healed.
Fast forward 7 years, and I’m leaking again! I could cry!
Even though I’m 66 I went and bought tampons. I heard that the pressure it causes “in there” can stop the leaking. IT DID!
Since I’m not going to use tampons for the rest of my life, I’m going to see my Urogynecologist at Cleveland Clinic in Feb and see if a “Pessary” IS all I need this time. I hope so! It’s quick and painless. Thank God for these fixes!
It was ruining my quality of life. I wish I had known about it sooner.

Re: Incontinence issue

Incontinence started in mid-2021. Finally went to doctor who has sent me to a PT and just had first exam with 3 to follow. Lot of exercises which will hopefully work, pelvic muscles weak per invasive treatment (that is one of my questions - does it have to be invasive?).

This is great but I am looking for a Support Group in St Petersburg or nearby. Talked w/my doctor's office about starting one - they will not cause of red tape required by hospital system. That is so much garbage!

Reading this, I wish you all were where I am so we could have a support group. Best to you all.