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How to solve the pad problem?

I have drip incontinence, (my terminology) I think it has been brought on by straining at stool with constipation. Trying to solve my constipation problem is a challenge, but now I have another problem, trying to find a product to keep me dry. This only started about a month ago and I thought at the time I only needed a light pad so I sent for some of those, but I felt the sensation of water running down my leg so I bought some bigger ones, but I still get the same sensation! The strange thing is when I investigate,the pad feels dry and so does my underwear! What is going on?? I have tried making a makeshift pad of a thick washcloth,(very uncomfortable) but even that did not stop the sensation of water running down my legs. I am sure there must be a way to manage this, I just have not found it yet. The constant uncomfortable feeling of cold wetness is making me very miserable and stressed. Have any of you experienced anything like this? Changing the pad makes no difference,since my pad feels dry to the touch anyway. It's like a nightmare! Very grateful for suggestions please. Cynthy

Re: How to solve the pad problem?

Having the exact same problem. The search for the right products is exhausting. I hope that you have resolved the issue for yourself and would like to share what you are currently doing so that I may also benefit from your experience. I currently only use pads but am going to investigate pull-ups. Currently, I only sleep about 4 hours a night, with pad changes every hour. By two or three I'm finished with trying to sleep as it only stresses me waking-up wet and having to change my bed clothing. it is actually 3am right now.