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Re: Living with an indwelling catheter

Hi Rex,

I too have had issues with external catheters, and the standard difficulties with Foley's. I may have a workable "Plan B" for you, and will offer the caveat towards the end of the post. Poiesis has created the "Duette" catheter - silicone, standard sizes (14/16/18 Fr.) with a huge advantage over the standard catheter : two balloons. The larger, lower balloon is inflated with 10cc of sterile water, then comes the two drainage lumens, and then the upper balloon which encases the rigid tip and inflates with 5cc of water. Since the tip is now in a 'padded' ball the near-constant painful interaction of tip and bladder wall is virtually eliminated. This also reduces UTI's, and the catheter itself is quite comfortable over the long term. I had work done on my lower spine and had an 18 Fr. "Duette" placed without incident for 23 days, including physical therapy; it drained properly, had no irritation or UTI's, and surprised at least two on-site urologists with its' form and function.

I did mention a caveat : Poiesis does NOT sell directly to consumers, and the majority of websites that offers this catheter require a verifiable physicians prescription for sale online. Shop around if interested, there are always exceptions to the rule although the FDA is cracking down on Net suppliers partially due to the raft of misinformation sown during the COVID plague. Be safe, be well....I wish you success.