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Mens trousers and pants

My Dad has been incontinent for some time now but in all this time we have struggled to find a suitable way to keep his pad in place without it pulling his pants down. He has been using the special thin pants that fit close to his body but the weight of the pads still keep pulling them down. I think part of the problem is that he hasn't got much of a waist. his backside and hips are almost flush with his waistline. Does anyone know some good pants and possibly trousers that will stay up well and are easy to take on and off. If we can find some secure enough pants we might be able to use a belt or braces for his trousers.

Re: Mens trousers and pants

Hi Joe!

I have the same exact issue. I prefer plastic backed briefs/diapers and my jeans or pants will slide down as well. What works for me is tucking my shirt into my jeans or pants and using a belt. Have you tried that with your dad? If not, I hope this helps! I know what an annoying problem that is.