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5 year post prostatectomy check up

I just had my 5 year post prostatectomy check up. My urologist is somewhat stymied as to why I still have leakage issues. My urodynamic tests are fairly normal. I had some incontinence prior to my surgery along with the green light procedure which was 8-10 years ago...I think. I can go several nights being dry, but then I'll be wet several. As a result, I wear a thick cloth pin diaper at night. During the day it's very unpredictable. I can go for hours without feeling the need to pee. When The slight urge does come, I can sometime make it to the bathroom. Other times the urge and leaking occur simultaneously. I wear tape on diapers to manage this. I really don't know why this is taking so long to remedy itself. I want to try and go undiapered, but afraid of the consequences. Maybe I should man up and give it a try. I'll be 75 on Friday. Could my age be a part of all this?

Re: 5 year post prostatectomy check up

Im sorry to hear about your suffering.
Have you tried to see a pelvic floor physical therapist?
this issue can be resolved with the right treatment from a pelvic floor physical therapist
let me know if you need help finding one
P.S: pelvic floor physical therapy is not kegel
Dr Mo